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What we eat on a daily basis can affect every aspect of our lives. Food has a massive impact on our health – from the way we think to the way we move. It can provide energy and nourishment while fighting off infection and disease or do the opposite and make us sluggish and tired while promoting illness. It all depends on the choices you make.

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Nutrition with a Mission

My mission as a nutrition coach is to provide guidance on these choices and empower you to eat healthier. I want you to learn how different foods affect your body and use those foods to plan meals that will make you feel healthy and vibrant. This can be a challenging yet rewarding experience – one that can lead you to take control of your own health, mind and body.

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The Power of Partnership

Coach Mike Collins has exclusively partnered with Gentle Giant Care on a weight loss and wellness program where we combine fitness and nutrition with the power of holistic and regenerative medicine. Mike works with owner, Lequawn James, a licensed nurse practitioner, on improving the lives of his patients by providing them with personal training and nutrition coaching. 

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